How To Organize A Men's closet?

How To Organize A Men's closet?

A well-organized men's closet limits the clutter and keeps clothes organized, easy to find, and in good shape so they last for years to come. However, choosing which type of system will best fit your needs can be challenging.

Investing in a high-quality storage system is a great first step - that’s where Closets by Liberty comes into play. The company is here to make this daunting task simple where you follow these 5 steps for organizing a man’s closet space.

5 Tips To Organize A Men’s Wardrobe

Hang men’s dress shirts on the upper rod

Collection your dress shirts and place them on top of the rod. Consider sorting by colors to make it easy to find exactly the shirt you want. Also consider using the same type of hanger to keep this section tidy, allowing you to stack shirts neatly. This can allow one if you have room for more stylish shirts for men.


Keep Folded Sweaters On Shelves

An easy way to create more space in your closet is by investing in a sweater rack. Take your sweaters out of the closet and lay them flat so as not to distort the shape of the garment which can be caused when hanging it up on a hanger.

Place each sweater onto one of your new sweater racks so you can easily see which ones you have without all that chaos that usually occurs from stacking them on shelves.

Hang Men’s Pants On The Lower Rod

One way to keep your pants organized is to fold them and hang them on a hanger. You may want to gather similar trousers kinds like dress pants or jeans that you can place in the same section of your closet, so it's easier for you or your significant other to quickly see which pants are paired with men’s printed shirts in the same section.

Also, since you've neatly folded the pants lengthwise before hanging them up, you'll find that keeping them out of wrinkled condition will be much easier.


Use Drawers For Shirts And Casual Clothes

Next, sort your casual clothing like t-shirts and athleisure. These items are more relaxed and don’t need to hang as they won’t be stretched or pulled as much when hanging side by side with other sweaters.

Not only can these items be folded up and put away, but because they are informal, being stored in drawers should work just fine for your closet needs.

Separate Seasonal Clothing Stuff

When we've got too many items that feel out of place in our closet (for example, what happened to our good beachwear from the summer?). The solution is not to pile them on a chair in our hallway or let them stay in a bin on top of the closet; the solution is to move the clothing item for another time (until you need them).

Instead, pick one sweater you don't regularly wear and hang it higher up in your closet. It's an easy way to take advantage of some extra space without disrupting your clothing arrangement.


If you are looking for some tips on how to organize a men's wardrobe, you've come to the right place! Our wardrobe organization blog will teach you how to make the most of your space and easily find the clothing you need when you need it. With our tips, you'll be able to keep your clothing looking great and your closet clutter-free.

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