Best Breaker Brands for Home Needs

Best Breaker Brands for Home Needs

best breakers

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When it comes to the electrical needs of your home, it is important to get the best productsread more to learn about the best circuit breaker brands for your home

What is Circuit Breaker and How Does It Work?

A circuit breaker is a concealed device that protects electrical circuits and equipment from overloads and short circuits and is used to protect your entire electrical system. A circuit breaker will interrupt the current flow through an electric circuit before it reaches your home – even before the electricity ever enters your house or building. 

It's designed to break automatically, avoiding damage to people or property as well as saving you money on repairs and replacement charges. For this reason, they are an essential construction tool in all homes and businesses throughout the country.

If you’ve ever plugged in an appliance, heard a click, and watched the lights go out, it means you’ve tripped a circuit breaker. When too much electricity flows through a circuit, the breaker trips and shuts off the power

It might be annoying, but breakers actually prevent electrical fires. It’s estimated that at least 50% of electrical house fires could be prevented by AFCI breakersUnfortunately, when you’re adding or replacing a breaker you can’t buy any brand you see like you would with light bulbs. Circuit breaker brands matter. Read on to find the best brands for your home.


Square D Breaker By Schneider Electric

best breakers

This American brand is top-rated by electricians and is certified by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). These circuit breakers plug into the breaker panel so they are much easier to install. If you’re looking for a miniature circuit breaker, this brand is a top choice for residential use. Square D circuit breakers are available at many home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot.

These breakers offer ground fault protection, which is useful near a pool or for power tool usage. Plus there are single and double pole options, which means that this brand can support regular wiring and large appliances too.


Siemens is a German circuit breaker brand that’s known for its durable and efficient design. A great benefit of these breakers is that they don’t trip unnecessarily. Your power won’t be turned off unless there is a true safety risk. You’ll spend less time wondering why you have a tripped breaker.

This brand carries a wide range of circuit breakers. You can find AFCI and GCFI breakers, dual AFCI/GFCI, and main breakers in this brand. You’ll have access to all the breaker types you need without the risk of compatibility issues.


Eaton Cutler-Hammer

best breakers

Eaton and Cutler-Hammer have both been around for more than one hundred years. In the 1970s, Eaton acquired Cutler-Hammer.

Eaton Cutler-Hammer breakers have separate flags to show if they’ve been tripped or simply turned off. When you open the breaker panel, it will be easier to understand the issue.

Other brands just switch to the off position when they’re tripped so you can’t tell if there’s an issue or not. This brand is more difficult to find at home improvement stores, but it can be ordered directly from supply companies.

Since Eaton owns the rights to several other product lines, several other brands can be compatible. Westinghouse, Square D, and Eaton Cutler-Hammer breakers are similar but aren’t always compatible. Check with your electrician.


Best Breaker Brands Matter

When it comes to electrical work, always hire a licensed electrician. Electricity can be hugely dangerous when you don’t know what you’re doing. Also, when you’re shopping around for circuit breaker brands, look at the brand of your electrical panel. It’s safest to stick with the same brand.

Electrical equipment brands sell products that are designed to work together. Compatibility issues can lead to electrical problems down the road. For more information for homeowners, check out our home improvement articles

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