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Haris Ali

Love And Hate Relationship With PUBG

Love And Hate Relationship With PUBG

Gаmes  thаt  аre  tаking  оnline  gаming  by  stоrm.  РUBG  is  оne  оf  them,  аnd  the  lаst  оne.  А  mоd  thаt  turned  intо  а  unique  gаme.  Hоwever,  there  is  а  questiоn,  is  the  gаme  gооd?  Саn  it  be  рlаyed?  Аre  users  sаtisfied  with  it?  Fоr  my  рersоnаl  орiniоn,  we  need  tо  gо  bасk  tо  the  beginning.


Seрtember  12,  2017.  The  dаy  I  bоught  РUBG  аlthоugh  it  wаs  still  in  eаrly  ассess.  I  sаw  sоme  friends  рlаying  аnd  every  streаmer  рlаying  it.  I  thоught,  why  nоt?  It's  $30,  whiсh  isn't  сheар,  but  nоt  terrible.  Frоm  whаt  I  heаrd,  the  develорer  hаs  been  асtive  in  develорment.  Sо  I  bоught  it.
Аfter  а  while  it  wаs  fun.  I  hаd  а  grоuр  оf  friends  whо  рlаyed  а  lоt,  аnd  аs  my  first  FРS  оn  а  соmрuter,  I  leаrned  tо  рlаy  with  keybоаrd  аnd  mоuse.  Оf  соurse  there  аre  bugs  аnd  hасkers,  but  this  is  аn  Eаrly  Ассess  gаme,  yоu  exрeсt  it.  nоt  right,  right
things  аre  fine.  Uрdаtes  аre  соming.  It  mаkes  mоney.  Everyоne  in  the  wоrld  exрeсts  hоw  the  gаme  will  be.

These Days

It's  fаst  mоving  nоw,  аnd  it's  been  оver  а  yeаr.
There  аre  still  issues.  а  lоt  оf  рrоblems.
Lооks  like  the  gаme  hаsn't  been  uрdаted.  They  аlwаys  give  uрdаtes  аnd  shut  dоwn  the  servers  twiсe  а  week  fоr  mаintenаnсe.  It's  just...  а  раrаdоx  оf  сuriоsity,  mаybe?
Develорers  reаlly  саre  аbоut  mоney,  оr  sо  it  seems.  Рlus,  аs  sооn  аs  bаttle  rоyаle  gаmes  аre  releаsed,  they  wоrry  аbоut  getting  invоlved.  The  рrоblem  is  thаt  they  dоn't  reаlly  helр.
The  соmраny  аlreаdy  knоws  mоre  аbоut  skins,  mарs,  аnd  weароns  thаn  it  dоes  reраir.  Eасh  рerfоrmаnсe  uрdаte  helрs  оne  thing,  but  destrоys  twо  оr  three  things  nоnetheless.  Fоr  exаmрle,  аn  uрdаte  wаs  left  with  my  friends  аnd  I  wаs  nоt  inсluded  in  а  соntest.  nоt  beаutiful
Sо,  I'm  tired.  It's  fun,  but  I'm  tired.  Yоu  will  be  hаррy  аt  night  when  everything  is  fine.  Then,  yоu  get  lоst  оr  lоst  nights  in  bаttles  yоu  mаy  hаve  wоn.  The  reрlаy  system  is  still  sluggish  sо  yоu  саn't  just  wаtсh  the  reрlаy  аnd  see  whаt  reаlly  hаррened.
Tо  be  hоnest,  if  the  server  is  behind  yоu  аt  the  beginning  оf  the  night,  it's  like  а  dustbin.  Оtherwise,  yоu  will  lоse  а  lоt  оf  firefighters.  If  yоu  dо  this,  yоu  will  be  suссessful  in  it.  It's  рretty  сrаzy,  but  it  hаррens  оver  аnd  оver  аgаin.
Desрite  аll  the  рrоblems,  I'm  аngry  аnd  I'm  still  in  the  gаme  fоr  оver  200  hоurs.  Why?  Beсаuse  it's  fun.  It's  а  fun  gаme  when  it  wоrks.  The  рrоblem  is,  when  yоu  fоrсe  it  intо  eSроrts  соmрetitiоns,  the  whоle  wоrld  sees  twо  рlаyers  running  аwаy  with  grenаdes  thаt  exрlоded  аt  their  feet  (yes,  it  did).
This  is  аn  аrgument.  Beсаuse  if  yоu  роst  аbоut  it  рeорle  will  tell  yоur  соmрuter.  Аll  I  саn  sаy  is  thаt  I've  рlаyed  enоugh  tо  reаlize  thаt  this  is  а  gаme,  nоt  my  РС.  If  I  саn't  рlаy  а  gаme  оn  the  GTX  1080,  I  dоn't  wаnt  tо  рlаy  thаt  gаme.

Thаnks  fоr  reаding.
Haris Ali

Why Should Gamers Use Game Boost?

The mobile gaming industry has grown day by day Until a few years ago, a group of friends had to meet in a designated area and play video games together. However, unlike the usual way of playing with your friends in your area, the player can now play any number of games with anyone sitting in any part of the world. It is very interesting to think about this sudden development of the industry.

Video games are great fun, but they are not always easy, and those who play well know how much effort and practice it takes to become a skilled and talented player. Many video games are challenging and may require years to break every level and play the game. 

It takes many hours of focus to maintain the crossing levels and reach the highest level of players. Strengthening games provide great help in this regard. It allows the player to improve his game without having to deal with any kind of problem in order to achieve his goals. Such a gaming service has many benefits for its users.

1. Effective time

Not everyone has the time to spend hours over the game and try to beat level after level. It can be very frustrating if you stick to the other side and can't skip a problem or goal even if you have tried it over and over again for a few days and weeks. Instead of wasting time, you can choose a game extension service. Such a service will help you take a break from playing games, and you will still be able to move to the top of the game without sitting in front of your screen. It's an easy way to save time and eliminate frustration if you can't play well.

2. Improve your personality

Sometimes, you need a certain character or you need to unlock a cool new skill in your avatar that will help you complete more missions in the future. These skills or weapons can enhance your gaming experience by allowing you to do new things that make the game even more interesting. Buying extra service in such a situation can be very helpful as it will make the game better for you and unlock special features that you would not have been able to feel before yourself.

3. Provides training

Getting extra service includes getting the opportunity to connect with experienced and efficient players and play the tips and tricks they learned over time. They can tell you their secrets after you move on to their game and they can train you to be as scared as they are. Sometimes upgrade services enable you to play under the guidance of top players in their game, which will allow you to learn new ways and techniques to improve your skills.

4. Very low risk

You can always be confident about going to the game extension service as it will be less likely to compromise your account. As you choose help from professional players, they have good morals and will never do any harm to your account. They are only there to help you in any way you need. You can feel free to give them your account because they will take great care to ensure that they give you the best service they can.

Game development is a very effective and excellent way to make your game interesting. We offer excellent services such as Destiny 2 Boosting, Division 2 Boost, and MMORPG Boosting. Hurry up and try Training and Promotion Services today.

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Haris Ali

All Social Media Services are available at cheapest rates Ever




All Social Media Services are available at cheapest rates Ever

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Worldwide Fighting Emits IN SEASON seven OF decision OF DUTY Mobile

Unite with
the primary category in Season 7, transportation new Multiplayer maps, the Digital Assault themed occasion, a spic and span Fight Pass, then some. Declarations PLAY currently World request wavers on the sting because the UAC and 5 Knights proceed their factional fighting. World class of the Tip top, the seventh amount of Obligation at hand: Versatile, brings spiritual community associated Scrapyard 2019 to Multiplayer, even as
the Digital Assault themed occasion, new Unbelievable Draws, a shiny new Fight Pass,
then some. simply the simplest directors need apply. first-class of the Tip prime goes continue to exist August twenty five at 5PM PT. this is often what you wish to know: New Awards within the first-class of the Tip top Fight Pass Season seven elements an Exceptional Powers themed Fight Pass loaded with free and premium substance, as well as new Administrators, another sensible weapon, Weapon Plans, Calling Cards, Charms, Obligation at hand Focuses (CP), then some. Fight Pass Complementary set ups Hamburger up for the approaching assault utilizing the new Dynamic protect Administrator experience opened at Level 14. At Level 21, access the new Abbadon LMG; fireplace setting aside your Weapon XP Cards currently so you'll be able to open its initial connections before taking it resolute shred. alternative complementary plan things incorporate the weapon outlines Razorback - Blue Scratch, the AS VAL - Wolves, and additional surface level things. Premium Pass Levels Get the Fight Pass for the chance to acquire the whole lot of the substance accessible within the firstclass of the Tip prime stream. Open the new Demir Administrator, aboard Griggs — Sarge, Charly — Huntress, and therefore the Mil-Sim - Balkan distinctive ATU. Gain admittance to new Weapon Outlines just like the Abbadon – Shoulder Gun, QXR — Model Omega, Rytec AMR — Revati, and the M4 — Untouchable Retribution. New Multiplayer Guides · Cloister: Fight emits at the once-serene spiritual community, wherever directors ought to explore the guide' turning walkways and bunchy structures. Highlighted in hurt edge associated cluster Deathmatch. · Scrapyard 2019: Season seven presents the 2019 decision of Duty®: Current Fighting stress of this exemplary guide. directors convey to an plane boneyard full with dissipated components and capability sheds. Battle from the focal fuselage… merely expect those approaching projectiles. Take Order within the Digital Assault Themed Occasion would like a hand obtaining plunder? In Digital Assault, discovery later in the season on Sept 3, you're allotted order of your very own warrior. Send them out on missions like mechanism for the chance to bring back remunerations, as well as the Zero — boring Operations associated SKS — technique Turret Weapon Diagrams, an Epic Appeal, and that' simply the beginning. Fortify your mortal by procuring XP in Multiplayer and Fight Royale matches. As your officer develops further, their shots at obtaining back with higher things improves. Ozuna involves Honorable obligation: Versatile Grant winning craftsman and reggaeton creative person Ozuna is connection the fun at Season seven dispatch with a full in-game cooperation. Hear his Honorable obligation: Versatile melody A la Buena, el Mejor taking part in within the hall and in Fight Royale vehicles at some point of the season. Furthermore, don't pass up the restricted time game mode, Ozuna: Kill Affirmed. notice the chance to play as Ozuna himself in his infamous bear outfit by shopping for the Ozuna carton, lightness the Merc five – Ozuna Administrator Skin, business Card – Osito linear unit Vivo, and therefore the Caramelo fabric series. Stream the large face-off 2021 part 4: Territorial finish of the season games The Stage 4: Territorial finish of the season games are as of now below way, with the geographical region and Center East scene done and tidied. There are up to now four additional territorial competitions ahead, and you'll be able to get all the activity on the net or within the game. The leftover season finisher dates are as per the following: Japan: August twenty eighttwenty nine Latin America: August 28 – 29 North America: Sept fourfive Europe: September eighteen - nineteen Acquire viewership compensations by observance in the game. Head here for bigger
competition data. New Fight Royale Draw Interestingly, we're running a Fight Royale Attract with
the chance to acquire the superb eggbeaterfire Backing Vehicle Skin aboard associate assortment of Epic Fight Royale skins from the Hexoglyph series. in addition enclosed is that the new Administrator Blackjack, the immoral underground market weapons marketer antecedently conferred in decision of Duty®: Dark Operations III. Get this and therefore the sky is the limit from there, as well as new Occasional Difficulties, once Tip prime of the primary class delivers on August twenty five at 5PM PT. See you on the web.

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Haris Ali

Tips to Stay Alive and win Chicken Dinner

Tips to Stay Alive and win Chicken Dinner
 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is very simple in concept, enter, grab your weapon and stay alive. That's not to say that some of the PUBG tips won't be helpful, especially when a multiplayer game intends to do so. To meet the requirements, many PUBG quizzes are designed to improve your survival, whether it be careful progression, your choice of battle, or escape from shame. Caffeinated drink from your Erangel or 5.56mm rounds from your 7.62mm, we have some PUBG tips below so you can shoot, loot and eat chicken in seconds. 

 PUBG Erangel Map PUBG Karakin MapPUBG Miramar Map PUBG Sanhok Map PUBG Vikendi Map 

 1. Try not to go blue almost instantly 

 The assumption that you need to survive and then get damaged is probably not a good idea, although everything will be fine at the beginning of the game. If you have cover at the edge of the blue circle, you will take limited damage, but no one can predict that you will be there.For some great recovery options, you might want to stay there for a long time and not fight at all. You may even have the ability to kill multiple enemies of disoriented enemies. However, it is good for your health and the next round in general. care. 

 2. A landscape can be as large a hideout as any structure or divider. 

 Buildings are often very helpful in keeping people alive, especially if footpaths may be closed, but they pose many dangers. Placed explosives will instantly end your run, and in case someone notices that you are there, they may just stay at the start.If you're looking for a good spot to hang out a bit, try exploring a corner, slope, or slope so your opponent doesn't have a chance to hit you. More importantly, there are more exit options. 3. In a rally battle, keeping a close eye on the damage to the three people you have killed, it can be difficult to figure out what to accept and what to win. The general standard here is really a fine basic one.Continue to wear a level 3 helmet even if it is about to be destroyed. The third level will constantly save you from being shot to the head by the M24, and this is a special level that will do just that. So it's almost always great. 


 4. ..it may be that level 3 vests here and there 

 The vests are somewhat unique to head defenders when it comes to cost, but just as invariably, an intact level 3 will always be above level 2. At the end games, if you plan on engaging in a lot of battles, priority strength makes more sense than undeniably level. Thus, the complete medical level two is higher than the fourth level of medical care at the third level because it will last longer. ...However, if these are the latter, taking tier 3 damage should be the best option, as preventing more damage with one shot can be the difference between success and failure. 

 5. Playing at the edge of the circle 

 When you start getting into the late game, different techniques start to become an integral part of the game. What can keep you alive is playing on the edge of the circle, and staying on the edge is an area where you have to know a lot about the contract. You understand that most of what is behind you is well protected, so you need to know what is in front of you.If you are in the center, you need to keep an eye on everything, of course, this is not an easy task. 

 6. Always get support at the end of the game 

 No matter how healthy you are, when you reach the last 15, you should start drinking caffeinated drinks and pain relievers to achieve this. Maintain and restore health. There is some purpose behind this, such as the lack of tension after a late battle, as well as the possibility that the restoration of health can defeat you in close combat. Once you get access to them, you need to start the elevators in advance, as there is no point in storing them. Who Needs Pain Relief for Chicken Dinner? 


 7.Saving in bush works great 

 Sounds crazy, but bush does give a great second

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